IM-7000 series

IM-7000 series

August 4, 2017

Keyence Corporation of America

The IM-7000 Series from Keyence provides fast, consistent, and easy measurements for a wide variety of applications, such as lathe processing and cutting, stamping, injection molding, and sintering.


Measurements can be performed in seconds with automatic recognition of position and orientation. By finding the part and comparing against the recorded shape, it is possible to perform accurate measurements without the need for precise positioning of the part. The dimensions of all parts on the stage are measured simultaneously, eliminating the need to measure each part individually and shortening measurement time.


Automatic focus adjustment, lighting settings, and edge detection eliminate operator error—a common problem with dimensional measurements. An intuitive interface allows easy programming of parts, with simple settings to verifying the image of the entire part. A wide range of auxiliary functions provides an easy-to-use measurement menu, containing frequently used line, point, and arc measurements, while a full array of measurement auxiliary tools set difficult to handle measurement systems with a few clicks.

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