Honeywell brings pinpoint navigation accuracy to new industries

Honeywell brings pinpoint navigation accuracy to new industries

Inertial measurement units will be available for other industries to measure motion and calculate changes in position

December 21, 2017
Edited by Michelle Jacobson
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Technology from Honeywell is now available in a range of new industries that can benefit from the advanced precision and performance of reliable, rugged, and easy-to-install inertial measurement units (IMUs). Honeywell has pioneered the development of IMUs and most recently launched the next phase in that technology's growth  – the HG4930. Honeywell's newest offering applies the principles of reliability, dependability, and performance from aerospace and defense, and tailors it for "straight out of the factory" integration and use in various non-defense and non-aerospace industrial applications. These applications include autonomous vehicles, surveying and mapping, ground and underwater robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and gimble stabilization.

IMUs are tools that help people, vehicles, and machines measure motion and calculate changes in position, anywhere in the world, even where global positioning system (GPS) signals are intermittent. In industries where automation is taking hold and working conditions where GPS may be out of touch, an IMU can help fill in the moments of disconnect and keep objects like an autonomous underwater vehicle or a robot in a factory informed about how they are moving relative to their surroundings.

"For more than a decade, we've designed our IMUs to perform in the extremely harsh and demanding environments for our aerospace and defense customers. But there is no shortage of possibilities for how that same IMU technology can support a wealth of markets hungry for the next level of enhanced navigation and control," says Chris Lund, senior director, Industrial IMUs, Honeywell Aerospace. "The HG4930 tactical grade IMU is a highly competitive and cost-efficient variant of our industry-leading navigation technology. Whether helping your industry evolve toward autonomy or augmenting a platform or solution's precision in domains where GPS is unreliable, the HG4930 delivers the needed performance."

In addition to the HG4930 IMU being a small, lightweight, and low-power product ideal for spearheading new uses or bolstering current navigation capabilities, Honeywell's HG4930 IMU is not classified under an International Traffic in Arms Regulation category, but instead is free from the burden of an export license for all but a few military-related use cases. This means a broader availability for customers around the world.

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