Heidenhain's connected machining catalog

Heidenhain's connected machining catalog

The new catalog highlights digital networking solutions for Industry 4.0.

December 19, 2017
Edited by Michelle Jacobson

Heidenhain released its new Connected Machining catalog.  Available for download, this catalog details solutions that place the TNC operator at the center of digital order management and networked with all production-related areas.

Connected machining makes control of the machine in the workshop the focal point of digital order management.

A simple Heidenhain TNC control system with its standard functions integrated into the company network via Ethernet offers a range of options for receiving and using digital job data directly on the control.

The following control solutions and options are also offered by Heidenhain:

  • StateMonitor software creates transparent processes through data acquisition, data analysis.
  • Remote desktop manager allows access to PCs, installed software at the control
  • Heidenhain DNC interface connects the control to enterprise-resource planning, production-activity control systems
  • Extended workspace display provides clear representation, processing of job data on machine